Coconut Oil Hurts Rabbits

Coconut Oil Hurts Rabbits


Coconut oil hurts rabbits by elevating cholesterol. Feeding rabbits just 9% coconut oil causes the cholesterol to rise a lot. This rise would be enough to harm a human. So do not feed your rabbits or humans Coconut Oil.
coconut oil hurts rabbits
Now another study pointing out the dangers of saturated fats:

Unhealthy as beef fat and butter

Please do not use this oil. Palm oil is not far behind. We humans need C18 length fats. And we do not do well with C12/16 length fats that are saturated. Our heart associates recommend no more than 10 grams of saturated fats in your daily diet, that is two teaspoons. There is no safe amount for C12 or Lauric Acid, the major oil in coconut.

“To date, no lower safe limit of specific saturated fatty acid intakes has been identified.” Am J Clin Nutr 2004;80:550–9.

Why eat or put  something on your skin that scientists generally agree is unhealthy. And remember Coconut Oil Hurts Rabbits and contributes in many cases to global deforestation.

When you replace coconut oil with poly unsaturated fats like olive oil and pomegranate oil, you help your heart, your body weight. Indeed, you live longer, up to 27 years by a recent long term study from Harvard.


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