Advanced Bland Skincare Principles

Advanced Bland SkincarePrinciples

Advanced Bland Skincare Principles reflect simple common sense:

  • Avoid common food allergens;
  • Avoid ingredients that turn on our allergy making systems;
  • Use ingredients found in our bodies;
  • Avoid sharing manufacturing line equipment with common allergens or un-natural ingredients.

Avoid Food Allergen Skincare

We mean specifically common food allergens listed by the FDA. Manufacturers  must list these if present. The FDA does not Bland Skincare Principlesrequire skincare products to warn about common food allergen ingredients.

Finally, for complete Bland Skincare Principles compliance, avoid Sesame and Corn derived ingredients.

Avoid Detergents That Enhance Our Allergic System

Bland Skincare Principles includes avoiding synthetic detergents. These often cause an immune or allergic response. Scientists also call detergents surfactants. In fact, the science of surfactants includes the most of history of vaccines.

Consider, that to follow Bland Principles, skincare means avoiding sulfates/sulfites and sorbitans entirely. These have a long track record.

In addition, we know many activate our immune system to make allergies. We recommend that detergents or surfactants have careful human testing. Simply manufacturing  a new surfactant to make it less irritating, does not necessarily make it safe to use on humans. Most detergents/surfactants have a history of enhancing our allergic responses.

Bland Skincare Principles: Body Friendly Ingredients

Also, our body should be able metabolize the skincare ingredient safely. For example, we do not want ingredients that release formaldehyde when metabolized. Many preservatives work by releasing formaldehyde.  Formadehyde has long been known to irritate asan allergen.

So, our skin should be able to utilize the ingredient. Complex proteins and carbohydrates do not fall into this category. The chemicals that do fall into this category include the chemicals we find in our body: amino acids, simple sugars and carbohydrates.  Oils should contribute to our health, namely, polyunsaturated bonds, and C18 or longer. In general the C12 (lauric), C14 (myristic), C16 (palmitic)  fats cause health issues, namely, cardiovascular.

Bland Skincare Principles: Manufacturing

Finally, manufacturers following Bland Principles use only dedicated lines for common allergen free skincare. No sharing.  For example in chocolate manufacturing the same line may be used for milk or nut chocolates as plain chocolate. This results in contaminating milk or nuts in many plain chocolates. The FDA requires manufacturers to tell you that nuts and dairy share the same line. Above all else, skincare manufactures do not have to tell you.